Day of Remembrance

Today is April 1st, and while many see it as April Fool’s Day, I see it as a Day Of Remembrance for the Autistic children who lost their lives due to elopement.  This is the second annual Day of Remembrance, hosted by Jill Smo, who creates an image with all the names, and shares it in the event: “Candlelight Vigil for Autistic Children Who Lost Their Lives After Wandering” so that we can pay our respects to them and their families. Every year the list grows, and every year my heart breaks more for the families who said goodbye to their babies much too soon. This is the image for this year:


PLEASE light a candle and say a prayer for all these children and their families today. Also, PLEASE keep in mind that this list is only those that Jill knows about, and sadly there are probably many more that are not made public. PLEASE also say a special prayer for the Autistic adults, who may have suffered the same fate, but their story was not publicized.

April is Autism Awareness Month. If there is only one piece of information you share this month, PLEASE let it be… ALWAYS CHECK THE NEAREST BODIES OF WATER FIRST (this includes pools), whenever an Autistic individual goes missing.


Have a blessed day everyone, and don’t forget to smile. ♥

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