The Key To A Good Relationship

Although I was upset with Henry yesterday, it was just one bad day. We are not perfect and we do things that upset the other a lot. We are a work in progress, and sometimes after 11 years we still have no idea what we are doing, but we LOVE each other and always find a way through the bad days.

Positive Outlooks

There is no soul mate or best friend out there who will solve every one of your problems. There is no love at first sight that lasts without work and commitment. But there are, however, people out there worth fighting for. Not because they’re perfect, but because they’re imperfect in all ways that are right for you. You complement each other’s flaws in a way that allows your souls to unite and operate more efficiently as one. You will know when you meet one of these people, when through them you meet the very best in yourself. — Unknown

Man walking at sunset

Why do you have to subscribe? Because Facebook is slowly decreasing the exposure of our posts to our followers. Meaning any day now you might not be able to see any of our uplifting quotes. It doesn’t mean we will stop posting over there, it only means there is a huge…

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