but what if he’s wrong?

First of all I LOVE this woman. Secondly… THIS is exactly why we will not have naysayers in our life. THIS is exactly why Beth does not go to a school that saw her as less than. THIS is exactly why ALL individuals, especially those with Special Needs, MUST be treated with Respect and Kindness ALWAYS. Whether they can tell you or not, they understand everything you say and how you say it. Please THINK before your speak about the precious gift God blessed you with, they deserve the BEST, which starts with loving parents, who are proud of who they are, not mourning what they could have been. Embrace diversity, embrace your extraordinary Autistic loved one, and you will see a wonderful world with endless possibilities. ❤

a diary of a mom


{image is a photo of me at a podium, speaking into a microphone at an Autism Speaks walk kickoff in 2010.}

Yesterday, I read a post that was written a couple of months ago, but just made its way to my screen. It was written by a woman who goes by Amythest on her tumblr, Neurowonderful. She describes herself as an artist, writer, public speaker, advocate, and activist who writes about autism and disability.

In the post, she describes a painful interaction with the father of an autistic young man at a recent Autism Speaks Walk in Vancouver. She and a number of other autistic activists had set up a table at the walk in hopes of educating walkers about some of the harm that the organization does in their name.

The post, poignant and important throughout, became excruciating to read here ..

The worst part of all of this is…

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