All Lives Matter

My heart is heavy, when I think of the sad place our world is of late.

I see all the horrible news stories.

I see countless, senseless tragedies.

I see the sanctity of life disregarded time and time again.

I see the parents, who have lost their children.

I see the children, who have lost their parents.

I see a lot of “_______ Lives Matters” memes, where only one group is identified as being worthy of life.

What I would love to see is simply ALL LIVES MATTER. It does not matter what someone’s race, religion, ability, job, sexual orientation, age, etc… is, ALL LIFE MATTERS.

This is what I teach my girls, and the mindset of ALL LIVES MATTER is what I pray for daily. #SpeakLife with Respect and Kindness, because #AllLivesMatter.

Please be the change you want to see in the world and remember ALL life is sacred. Our job is not to judge, but to love, please leave the judgement up to God.


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