I wonder if this is how my Beth feels. She LOVES to give to people and to help people. Her heart is so full of love for everyone she meets. Even tonight, I watched her at her cousin’s birthday party, and saw such an amazing capacity for love and kindness. She was thrilled that he was now 5 like her, even though she will be 6 in a few short weeks. She spent the entire party bringing people snacks and loving on them. She was her happiest bringing her cousin each of his gifts; watching him open them brought her such joy, she could not stop flapping. My heart almost burst with pride and gratitude. I thank God everyday for blessing us with such an extraordinary child, who teaches us almost daily what the true meaning of life is.


Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I’ve never really cared much about getting presents, but I love the feeling of Christmas. I love all the lights and that people are usually happier and more giving. The thing I love most about Christmas is that it gives me hope.

I love the lights because they bring light to the darkness, I love the spirit of Christmas because it shows that peoples’ hearts are still good. And I love that people turn to Christ because it helps us remember that the best gifts are the ones of love.

This year I am very excited about Christmas mostly because I feel like I have awesome presents for people and I can’t wait to see how they like them. I love that we get a rush from giving presents that we think people will like. I wonder if heaven had that kind of…

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