Third Day

After this week, I will probably stop giving daily updates, or at least come up with more creative post titles. 😉

I was in a lot of pain this morning, so our day got off to a rough, and cranky, start. Thankfully, after our meditation, I was feeling much better mentally, and able to be more like the teacher (and mommy) my girls deserve.

After meditation, we did out typical morning routine. I must say I am surprised by how quickly the girls settled into it, and how much they enjoy it.

Anne’s favorite part is the “Days of the Week” song, which we sing to the tune of “The Addams Family.” Honestly, it is one of the few songs I remember from my teaching days.  Here is a version on YouTube, in case you have never heard it: (; Anne prefers making popping sounds with her lips, instead of clapping.

Beth’s favorite part is the ABC’s song; we do the version from “Super Why” and the faster we sing, the happier she is. Here is a link to that as well:; by the end we are loud and silly.

After our exercise time, we worked on writing with different things. Today we worked on “A a” and “O zero” with pencils, crayons and markers. Beth is very diligent in her tracing attempts, and can copy some letters and numbers freehand. Anne is not quite at the writing stage, but she did extremely well with the “little a,” and was pretty good at following directions today. I helped her trace the letters or numbers, if she asked, and then she colored everything on her sheets. They both said their favorite was the “find the basket with zero puppies” activity sheet.

When we were done with our writing work, we headed to my aunt’s house for the afternoon. We walked with her to pick-up her grandson, from his preschool. I was a bit worried about how they would react, since they no longer go to a public school, but they were fine and ecstatic to see their cousin. The three kids even told each other about their days, and seemed surprised that they were very similar.

The rest of the afternoon/evening were a blur of fresh air and giggling children (most of the time, there were some tears, but they didn’t last long).  While we will not remember the specifics of the day, we will always have the various feelings we experienced, and the happy they left in our hearts.

Have a blessed day everyone, and don’t forget to smile. ♥



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