First Day

Today was our first day of homeschool. We spent two hours on school time before having lunch. Anne is now napping and Beth is having speech therapy.

In our two hours we did:

Meditation (

Schedule, Time, Calendar, Letters,  and Numbers

Morning Prayer

Bible Study

Bob-book AB

Exercise (1mile Walk-Away-The-Pounds with Leslie Sansone)

Letter A (

Yoga, Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams (

After lunch, Anne went down for her nap; I told Beth she could paint on my laptop for 10 minutes, but then she had to potty before her SLT arrived. I showed her on our clock when it would be ten minutes, and she actually reminded me when her time was up. She said: “Mom it is 10, I need to potty.” She got an extra sticker for that. 😉

The day went well, but there were parts that were difficult for Anne. She had a hard time staying with activities and following directions, but in time she will adjust, and it will become easier. Beth did everything with more ease, and is very serious about her school time, but in time I hope she will relax a bit. I did okay, but did lose my cool a few times, which made me feel bad. I will get better at being teacher and mom, I just have to remember to be patient and allow for each of their learning styles. Eventually I think our school will be a wonderful combination of both girls’ learning styles, energy levels and personalities.

Speech has ended, and my munchkin is awake, so my time on here is done at the moment. This afternoon we are hoping to venture out to the library, and enjoy some fresh air on their beautiful lawn; praying my back cooperates with our plans.

Have a blessed day everyone, and don’t forget to smile. ♥



A few pictures of our school space:









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2 thoughts on “First Day

    • My 5yr old, who is Autistic, did the entire meditation and really liked it. My 3yr old only made it to the first chakra before getting antsy, but each day she will make it a little longer, Thank you for giving us a great foundation for each day. ❤


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