Clothing Optional

Our house has been a “clothing optional” house (diaper and underwear are required) since our children were old enough to take their clothes off  This is something that has always bothered Henry, but he is slowly coming to accept that it is what it is. Beth’s OT told us long ago that she needs somewhere to be completely comfortable (sensory-wise especially) and home should be that place.

There are some who may think “naked-time” is an Autism thing, but it is not; I know many people with neurotypical children who also partake in “naked-time.” Although, I do know that while some do it out of comfort, many times my kids do it out need. This became evident, when I realized that my husband has to strip down to his boxers as soon as he gets in the house, because he is simply too warm; just like I have to take off my shoes/socks as soon as I get home because my feet are boiling. We ALL have sensory needs, and embracing them does make for a better day (most times).

Fun fact… I shared a room with my extremely prudish grandmother most of my younger life, and was taught to always keep my body covered. It is a good thing she doesn’t come over, because she would have a conniption at how often my girls are just in underwear/diapers. This weekend when my silly girls demanded I be “naked-baby” like them and daddy, all I could do was laugh as I heard gram’s appalled voice in my head. We closed all the blinds and eventually they convinced me to strip down to my bra and underwear, and I have to admit, it felt kind of nice; however, after 20 minutes I had my pajamas back on. Baby Steps. 🙂

Monday the storms in our area broke our air-conditioner; so yesterday was an extremely hot and sticky day in our apartment. It was a very good reminder of why “clothing optional” is the rule in our home. Beth’s system cannot handle heat, and she was miserable to the point that everything, even things she would normally enjoy, bothered her. She had an extremely “off” day due to not being able to regulate the temperature in her body. Even though we hid in our bedroom most of the day, with the small a/c unit, it was not enough because every time we ventured elsewhere in the house she was overwhelmed with heat again.

The girls slept in our room with daddy, so they could be cool and comfy; as I was laying in Beth’s bed, reflecting on our day as I always do. I had to add “naked-time” to my list of blessings, not only for the day, but for our new homeschool journey. Both girls are much happier in their underwear/diapers, and this year they will be able to enjoy a “clothing optional” school, which in my book is pretty cool. 😉 Imagine the possibilities for what the mind can achieve, when the body is completely comfortable…

Have a blessed day everyone, and don’t forget to smile. ♥



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