Rock Star

Last night our family had the honor of being the “featured family” for our local Special Reaction Association’s annual golf fundraiser.  The girls’ pictures were everywhere, which was pretty cool. We mingled with guests before dinner, enjoyed a wonderful meal, and then spoke about what the association means to us.

I was worried going to the event, because we had several meltdowns throughout the day from the anticipation, as Beth says: “Waiting is hard.”

Beth was a Rock Star! Anne did well too, but she was a little less engaged and was much more interested in running laps in the hallway. Beth was a social butterfly from the moment we walked in the door. She talked to people about homeschool, her missing teeth, the tooth fairy, our cats, soccer, dance, etc… Although we needed to take a few walks in the hallway, so she could recoup, she did extremely well with the large group.

After dinner we were introduced and handed the microphone. Beth spoke first and told the guests her name, age and favorite activity before burying her head in my skirt. Anne told them her name and age before squealing and running off. Henry said a few humorous words, then chased after the girls. I then spoke about our life, the wonderful organization and all the blessings we have received in their programs. When I was done, Beth and Anne each took the microphone again and thanked everyone.  I was a beaming with pride, and admiration at how well my girls did.

It was a magical evening, but with big events come big meltdowns. Even the happiest of events have the potential for massive meltdowns,  because it is simply too much for Beth’s sensory system to process. There is always much time needed to recover and regulate, which means today will be a rough day. There was a time we would have avoided such situations to protect her from the aftermath, but that does not help her. We help her by standing by her as she ventures out of her comfort zone, acknowledging her struggle, and then supporting her in any way possible as she regulates her system again. She was a Rock Star last night, and today we will let her lead us in relaxing or play, as she finds her way back to her happy place. With that, I am off to join the band (consisting of kitchen items) and sing our ABC’s and Old MacDonald.

Have a blessed day everyone, and don’t forget to smile. ♥



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